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The main aim of the Walmart Foundation is to support the charitable causes and providing funds for creating opportunities in education, workers development, environmental sustainability, healthcare and wellness of the community.

Though the Foundation is funding a wide range of projects and programs, its main aim lies in hunger relief, workforce training and issues of homelessness. Due to quite a lot of needs, the charitable budgets of the foundation has gone up in spite of rough economic situation prevailing. The foundation has given more than $ 467 million in cash and in-kind for the year ending 31st January 2010 towards grants for various charitable causes. The foundation’s charitable grant levels are decided by the company’s Board of Directors based on the part of its retail sales.

In Massachusetts Walmart funded 1,600 nonprofits in the year 2008. The most important beneficiary was Jamaica based hope Found which received $25,000 from the foundation last year. Hope Found used these funds to help its Work First program which aims to connect the individuals with jobs. It has also helped the individuals who were homeless previously to move into new houses.

Youth Build USA, a national non-profit organization based in Somerville received $ 5 million from Walmart Foundation in 2008. Out of this, $ 4 million was granted to 59 affiliate programs and the balance $1 million was used to support programs and expansion of Youth Build USA. The Walmart Foundation’s funding bolstered the initiates of green construction and health care training of Youth Build. This has also helped in to launch six new sites in Louisiana, Texas and Iowa.

The Walmart Foundation has given grants to the tune of $ 500,000 to help Veteran Green Jobs, a non-profit organization based in Colorado, to boost job creation and training programs in the green jobs field. Due to this funding, the Veterans Green Job created 120 jobs approximately in the green industry in Colorado and this is likely to be increased in the years to come. Veteran Green Jobs trains and prepares the military veterans for jobs in the areas of home energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental conservation and restoration. Basically it helps the veterans to expand their career opportunities and getting integrated into civilian life.

Walmart Foundation has provided the necessary funds to the military veterans in a number of program jobs like partnership with conservation corps which is geared to protect and preserve the country’s public lands, weatherization assistance projects, energy audits to qualified low income families and urban tree planting initiatives. By providing the grants to the veterans, Walmart Foundation is helping the environment and supports the veterans to return to the workforce.

Walmart and Walmart Foundation are proud to support the charitable causes which are very important to their customers and associates in the neighborhood. To be eligible for the grant, the perspective grantee organizations must submit their applications through the Walmart Foundation State Giving Program’s online grant application. Eligible applicants should have a tax-exempt status to meet the minimum funding criteria.

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Walmart Foundation Small Business Grants

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    Patricia H Hayes- 2011/04/20 00:33:56 am

    My clothing and furniture store needs to be able to hire employees to continue to grow. A grant would provide staffing to enable me the extra time needed to find and purchase inventory. Please contact me.

  • comment_image

    Patricia H Hayes- 2011/04/20 00:28:12 am

    I have owned a small business in Polson, MT for eight years. What do you have to do to qualify for a small business grant from Walmart???

This article was published on 2010/09/26